We’re JOMI.

We love chocolate, just like you!

In 2019  we started JOMI to give the world great tasting chocolate infused with the best Hemp Seeds and CBD ingredients.

Our love affair with chocolate goes way back, but it wasn’t until we decided to get creative that JOMI started to take form. You see, we developed another love affair. This time with CBD and Hemp-based products. We loved what they did for our bodies and health. So, we thought, “Why not combine both of our loves into one incredible product?!”

The result are our snack-worthy chocolate bars and tablets. Of course, because we’re passionate vegans and health-nuts, we also decided to keep our goodies vegan-friendly and always dairy free.

Our chocolate is designed to give you an indulgent, yet guilt-free snack you’ll love. So, enjoy with confidence knowing you’ve got the best CBD-infused chocolate in the palm of your hands.

Keep reading to learn more about our product standards and flavors…

We Don’t Skimp On Taste

We’re serious about great-tasting chocolate. When we put pen to pad for JOMI we knew our chocolate had to be delicious. After all, that’s the reason you want it! Through trial and error, we developed eight incredible flavors, each infused with 70% premium chocolate and hemp seeds:

  • Classic Creamy Milk Chocolate
  • Tangy Orange
  • Rich Turkish Coffee
  • Sweet Raspberry
  • Refreshing Mint
  • Fresh Fruits & Nuts
  • Crunchy Rice Crispy
  • Indulgent Cocoa Dark Chocolate

NON-GMO & Dairy-Free

Whether you’re allergic or simply don’t want dairy in your diet, we’ve got your back. Our dairy-free chocolate still retains its creamy flavor without milk or eggs. We also only use 100% organic and NON-GMO ingredients and chocolate.

Pure Hemp & CBD Infused Chocolate

We’re committed to purity. That’s why we only use the purest quality Hemp seeds and CBD. Our farmers adhere to the industry’s highest quality assurance standards. And our chocolate snacks give you all the nutrients of hemp without the taste.

Our Philosophy

You care about where your snacks come from. So do we! Our three-part philosophy guides our work as a team and as a company. Our guiding principles include the following.


We use 70% premium chocolate because it’s the best way to create incredible tasting chocolate snacks. We’re also passionate about using only the most flavorful spices, fruits, and ingredients. The result is chocolatey goodness you won’t be able to put down.


Where we get our ingredients—especially our chocolate—is important. That’s why we partner with honest, fair-practice farmers who use sustainable farming methods. You can rest easy knowing that the chocolate we use is from the best source available.


Our connection to the planet, our farmers, and to the people we serve drives us to do our best. Whether we’re partnering with sustainable farmers, encouraging recycling, or maximizing every part of the hemp plant, our connection is at the forefront.

Healthy Hemp-Infused Chocolate You’ll Love!

Give our JOMI bars a try today and discover how amazingly tasty a hemp-chocolate combo can be!